James White

Article by Gary Kent

There are only two choices on the Legislature ballot this year. There could be seven, and there were five in 2013. Paul Lauricella is challenging Lynne Johnson for the District 2 seat. James White is challenging Donald Allport for the Legislator At-large central seat.

James is committed to good sense approaches such as a responsible phased elimination of the sales tax on home heating fuel. Properly funding Child Protective Services to protect our children is high on his agenda. He believes the Sheriff’s Department should be more involved in welfare fraud cases. Electing the Chief Administrative Officer is another of his initiatives. Right now, trying to determine who is responsible for things like selling the County Nursing Home is like the proverbial question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Additionally, the C.A.O., similarly to the District Attorney, should not become intimately involved in politics. Degrading the environment is not the way to bring economic progress to Orleans County, and James White is firmly opposed to industrial wind farms anywhere in Orleans County. He also backs Paul Lauricella for the District 2 position.

Allport has been coy about blaming the State for everything. His recent stance on Article X may sound as though he is with the anti-wind farm, pro-environment and pro-Orleans County crowd, but he avoids actually taking a position, just as the remainder of his cronies do. James White may be 21, but he has far more vision and maturity and does not hide his opposition to the Apex industrial wind farm project. One has to wonder what the County’s $60,000 a year lobbyist is saying to Albany officialdom.

Allport opposes re-opening the landfill in Albion. He has been active in S.P.O.C. Whether this is out of conviction or political expediency is anyone’s guess. Two years ago, he was present at a public hearing on the proposed stone quarry in Shelby. Was he there to check the political wind direction? He has said, privately, years ago, that he opposes industrial wind turbines. Since then he has heard Mr. Callard’s spiel and may have come under Mr.Callard’s spell. At this point there is no telling where he stands.

In 2010, Allport voted to give the District Attorney a $10,000 raise and a new title to justify it. Well into the following year, the Sheriff and Undersheriff did not even know the position (Public Safety Director) existed! That is the inconvenient truth.

Legislator Allport was one of Chairman Callard’s chief allies in the campaign to strip Orleans County of assets such as the County Nursing Home. It seems that, in his mind, there is precious little that should not be privatized.

For Allport, the S.A.F.E. Act was like a gift from the heavens. He may still be attempting to convince people that it is going to be repealed well into the Apocalypse. He will tell you it is un-Constitutional, but he cannot tell you exactly why, except that it violates the Second Amendment.

It would be interesting to know whether he supports Drennan or Bower for Sheriff.

If you want to see Orleans County respected around the State, James White would be an excellent choice. His election would demonstrate that we are tired of being “played.” The fact that he is 21 would, incidentally, bring positive publicity to Orleans County.